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Past and Ongoing

Below are projects that I have worked on or am working on. Many of these projects will have links to see more of the work or project. Most of these projects are digital design work and requested by fans. 

Projects: Welcome

Juniper's Tree

This webcomic I wrote and illustrated. It came from a short story I wrote in college. This is about a young man trying to find his mother Juniper (half Native-American, half African-American). In the process he meets people who call her friend. This story is set in the 1970's and jumps around in the 40's and 50's.  Warning: This story has a lot of things others may consider triggering.

Ep 3.9.jpg
Projects: Inner_about

Little Art Big Cause (2018)

I created four pieces for a charitable art show put on by Scandals PDX. Each piece was in dedication to Queer people of color. For more on the art show click here.

Projects: Inner_about

Equity Illustrated Grand Prize Winner (2016)

I placed first in the 2016 Equity Illustrated design contest sponsored by Meyer Memorial Trust and Northwest Health Foundation.

Projects: Inner_about
Projects: Inner_about

Original Character Design

I frequently draw original characters that people imagine. Whether it be for short stories, books, roleplays, or screenplays, I have worked on several original projects.

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